Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank goodness for Eisabeth!!!

I planned a potluck at our house for the 2nd anniversary of my Pasadena Mom's play group. We had 10 mom's and 11 kids! Sure enough I woke up Wednesday morning with such a HORRIBLE migraine that I could not get out of bed.  I called Elisabeth at 6:45AM to see if she could come over and watch Emma so I could sleep a little longer...15 minutes later she was at our house:) Not only did she watch Emma for me , she ended up hosting my party for me!!! Anyone who knows me will know that I must have been on my deathbed if I missed my own party!  Well, Elisabeth was an AWESOME stand in for me and I am still hearing from my mommy friends today who are jealous that I have such a great mother-in-law. I must admit that I am VERY blessed:):) Elisabeth insists that it's not a big deal, it's just what you do for family.  That might be the case, but I am still extremely grateful that she is MY family:):):)

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