Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Easter Bunny Rocks!

At least I think that is what Emma would say:)  We had a wonderful day starting with a little Easter egg hunt in the family room. Where Emma discovered that the Easter bunny brought her a pink and purple trike. Although I must admit she was more excited over her ballerina bunny from Grammy Kah and her bunny slippers from her Grandpa.  Elisabeth, Nicol and her family came over at 11AM for brunch followed by an outdoor Easter egg hunt for Emma and Coleton.  Emma LOVED it, she would leave the real eggs and go after the ones that had "stuff" in them.  She would open the eggs get the money out and then toss the "shell" over her shoulder...TOO FUNNY!  Coleton on the other hand was too busy playing with his new toys to even be bothered with the eggs. 

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