Thursday, March 20, 2008

Emma and Coleton get their DYE on

Nicol and Coleton came over today to color Easter eggs with us.  Let's just say that I now know why they sell pre-dyed eggs at the grocery store! Does anyone know how to remove PAAS dye from your hands? We are all covered in it and it won't come off:(  Emma had a blast coloring the eggs and Coleton...well, not so much!  He was a little more interested in playing with his trains...oh, those silly boys! Here is the best part...I only hard boiled 2 dozen eggs. I thought it would be enough, but clearly I was wrong. So, I told Nicol to just grab some eggs out of the refrigerator and we would keep those seperate....RRRIIIGGGHHHTTTTT!!!  We lost a raw egg in the with the hard boiled ones (Yep, that's an Easter surprise that I am NOT looking forward too!) Oh, I went to use some of the colored raw eggs and cracked one open only to discover that it was HARD BOILED!!!  

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amain said...

I love hearing your mommy stories...makes me even MORE glad that we are favorite cousins!!!
...and great friends, to boot:)

love yfc