Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nick's Birthday

I think it is safe to say that Nick had a really nice birthday.  Elisabeth came over for dinner and we were able to sit outside because the weather has been so nice.  Nick received many nice birthday gifts, but I the one that I was most excited about was his cake:)  Our favorite ice cream shop makes a Tequila Lime Sorbet, but only sells it to restaurants:(  So, I called and asked if they could make Nick an ice cream cake with the Tequila Lime and they said "Sure, why not"!!! How excited was I?!?! The owner said that Nick was one lucky guy, because they never do this and that his cake was a "1 of a kind". Oh, and if that was not enough they sold me a gallon and a half of the Tequila Lime Sorbet!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! oh, I mean Nick;)

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amain said...

OOOPS! Happy Birthday, Nick!!!
Oh, but maybe I am OK...does it count that we are in a different time zone???
Wishing you all the best this year and all the others, too...
amy, mark, isabella & lisi lu-lu