Friday, February 29, 2008

Emma REALLY is my child

Let me paint the picture for you....Emma is playing outside and I am standing in the kitchen.  Suddenly I hear her SCREAMING at the top of her lungs and let me tell you it is a VERY high pitched scream. I look out the window and she is standing on her picnic table.  I go running out and she is screaming and pointing to the tiniest bug you have EVER seen. She is yelling at me to get her shovel so I can get rid of it for her:) Maybe you had to be here to witness the event, but I was laughing so hard I was crying!

our little chef

I have started letting Emma help me cook and one of her favorite things to do is make pancakes:)  Here she is helping me this morning.  Emma also likes her pancakes to be in the shape of something (usually Mickey Mouse), but mommy was feeling lazy today and only made 2 Mickey pancakes. Once Emma finished those she asked for more so I gave normal round pancakes and she said, "Thank you Mommy. Yummy ball pancakes".  SCORE!!! Now I can get away with "ball" pancakes:)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby I do

When I was little I didn't want anyone to help me and I would say, "No, baby I do".  Well it's safe to say that I am being paid back:)

Emma and I are currently playing dress up and Emma is having trouble getting her costume on so I offered to help and what does my lovely child say to me??? "No mommy. No help Emma. I play dress up myself" Well, okay then;) Guess Mommy will go back to singing Chim Chim Cher-ee!

My what BIG teeth you have...

Emma and I are sitting down playing today when she stops what she is doing and starts staring at me.  I ask what is wrong and Emma looks at me and says, "Mommy have big teeth":)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Needs batteries

Last night Emma decided to get the old band together (The Lenz Family band that is) and started handing out instruments.  Nick and I start to play the ones we have been given and Emma starts to have a mini meltdown.  When we ask her what is wrong she holds up her wooden frog "clicker" that she can't figure out how to work and says, "Needs batteries!!!" It was TOO funny, since it is an old school non battery operated toy:):):)  The picture is Emma trying to figure out how the frog works.

My little Picasso

Since it was a rare rainy day here in LA Emma and I stayed home and did some painting.  I think Emma enjoyed it almost as much as Mommy did;)  It took a little convincing, but she finally stuck her hand in the paint so we could make handprints:)  I swear I have never met a cleaner child...the second Emma was done she was reaching for the baby wipes to clean herself up!

Emma and Coleton's play date

Coleton and his mommy, Nicol, came over the other day to play and boy are we glad they did.  It was so funny to watch Emma try and be the "big sister" to Coleton.  Of course not so funny when she tried to pull him away from the TV and knocked him to the ground:( Clearly Emma does not know her own strength!

Really cool article

100 Mile Diet: Local Eating for Global Change » Local Resources: ""

(Via .)

I read the coolest article last night in this months issue of Domino magazine. In a nutshell a woman tries to eat locally for 2 weeks and writes about the ups and downs of being a "locavore". The website that I am linking to just shows you your local resources if you are up for the challenge. I am is hard enough for me to get dinner ready for my family let alone try and eat locally:) Although I am going to try and hit our farmers markets more frequently and I am FOR SURE going to check out the "egg store" a few miles from us:)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Get me out of here!!!

Emma tried so hard to get the doors open, but when that didn't work she decides it would be just as fun to hang on them:)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Am I too big for a swing?

Emma and I met some friends at the park today and I think I know what I want for my birthday....a swing!!! They had the COOLEST swing at the park. It's like a big chair, but it's a swing. What a great idea!!! You know some guy thought, "Hey, think I could turn this Lazy Boy recliner into a swing?" I TOTALLY want one!!!! Emma did NOT want to get out of it ( I don't blame her).

Our Little Devil

Emma LOVES playing dress up and her favorite thing to put on is her Devils Tail:) Okay, her Devils tail and her purple heels! You can't see it, but she has her tail on under her skirt too:):):) 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

King of the Gelato

As most of you know Nick is an AMAZING cook, but over the weekend he made the BEST THING EVER!!!! Blood orange Gelato using the blood oranges from the tree in our backyard.  Can you say, "YUMMY"?!?!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Emma Valentine's Day

Yes, I am like a child with a new toy:) I am trying to figure out this whole blogging thing and my next step is to add photo to a post. Sooo...let's see if this works.

Oh, it looks like I did it!!!! I am SOOOO proud of myself:)


I have had a few emails from people saying that they are having trouble leaving posts. I think I have solved the problem so feel free to try again:)

Oh, great!

Now that I have started my blog I can't figure out how to find the link so that I can share my blog!!! Where is my computer savvy husband when I need him?!?!

This is only a test...

Am I the only one hearing the Violent Femmes song in the background?  Suddenly I am flashing back to high school and my friend Mary (or was it Chantal???Hmmm???) singing, "this is only a desk". Okay so I digress...
Favorite cousin Amy keeps hounding me to create a blog and if I am not blogging I am truly missing out on a wonderful opportunity to "share" moments with my friends and family. I am preparing to blog about my life as a SAHM with Miss EEL (Emma Elisabeth Lenz).  I am not so sure that anything all that interesting happens here, but every time I share a story with Amy she says, "you REALLY need to blog!!!". Well, I have decided to go for it and take the leap into the land of blogging and if it doesn't go well we can all blame Amy:)