Monday, March 31, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama...I don't think so

I am back from Huntsville, AL and what a treat that was...haha:) Before I go any further I would like to say that I never did get to "downtown" Huntsville and the people that I met were SUPER friendly, but WOW is it small!!!  It makes Des Moines look like New York City:) When I got to the airport I asked which terminal I was in and the security guard looked at me like I was on crack and said, "Do you mean the name of the airport?" and I said, "No, which terminal number is this so I come back to the right place" and he again still confused by my question said ," this is the are lookin' at it. Ain't no more to see lady" Okay then:)  The best part of Huntsville was going to Steak n' Shake. Yep, you heard me they might be small, but they have a Steak n' Shake!!!

The highlight of my trip was my flight from Dallas to LA. I had missed my original flight due to an hour delay in Huntsville, but the lady at the gate found a 1st class seat for me on the next flight to LAX .  Who knew Dallas was so popular, but I rubbed elbows in 1st class with Sidney Poitier and Star Jones:)  Not to mention the ENTIRE Chivas soccer team was on the flight too...there are some VERY cute young men on that team;)

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amain said...

Ah, HELLO!, Des Moines IS like New York City, and there is nothing wrong with an airport that has only 1 terminal...but Des Moines DOES now have a parking ramp. Woo Hoo!!!