Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've been tagged:)

The ABCs of Me

Favorite cousin Amy "tagged" me for this in her blog so I thought I would give a whirl:) Here we go...
A- Attached or Single: Very attached to my wonderful husband Nick
B- Best Friend(s):Goodness...I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends and for that I am very grateful:)
C- Cake or Pie: Pie-pecan, eggnog pumpkin...just no fruit in my pie please!
D-Day of Choice: Friday, because Nick usually only works a half day and Emma and I get spend the other half with him
E-Essential Item(s): HELLOOOO my cell phone of course!
F-Favorite Type of Music: Country
G-Gummy bears or worms: Yuck!!! That would be neither, but my favorite candies are...raisinettes, walnut whips and circus peanuts(no, I am not kidding)
H-Hometown: Collinsville, IL
I-Indulgences: Okay, no laughing, but I really like combination Pizza Rolls washed down with a Mr.Pibb
J-January or July: Do I have to pick one???
K-Kids: My stinkin' cute Miss Emma. Does Chip count? He is part of our family;)
L-Last movie: The Other Bolyen Girl
M-Marriage Date: November 16, 2002
N-Number of Siblings: Tyler (22 and yes, we are 15 years apart!)
O-Oranges or Apples: I guess I will go with Apples
P-Phobias or Fears: Oh, where do I begin!!! Is it that I will fall and knock out all of my teeth? Oh, wait or is it that I have a MAJOR meltdown right before I get on a plane? No, maybe it's that...let's just say that I worry about everything. I worry about friends, family, it is so bad that I worry about homeless people and animals. I think I need therapy;)
Q-Quotes: God loves a trier
R-Reasons to Smile: Emma and Nick. Oh, heck if I am being TOTALLY honest I must admit that my Tivo makes me smile too
S-Season: I live in LA...I am pretty sure we only have 1 season:)
T-Tag: Gosh, I don't think I have anyone to tag.  The only person I know that blogs is Amy and she sent me this in the 1st place!
U-Unknown Fact About Me: What's left?!?! I have already fessed up to Circus peanuts, Pizza Rolls, and the fact that I probably need therapy over my intense worrying
V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Meat eater ALL THE WAY!!!
W-Worst Habit: have a bad habit?!?! Never!!!
X-X-rays or Ultrasounds: What a STRANGE question! Let's go with....Ultrasound. Reminds me of all of wonderful times looking at Baby Zoom Lenz (a/k/a Emma)
Y-Your Favorite Food: Watermelon Salad from Red, White and Bluezz, Clam Chowder from almost anywhere and Beef Carpaccio from Gale's 
Z-Zodiac: Cancer

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amain said...

All I can think to say right now is..."Mister, WHO????"
I am so glad we are related AND great friends!!!
love yfc