Sunday, April 6, 2008

HELP!!! We are becoming Disnoids!!!

I hate to admit it, but we went to Disneyland AGAIN today.  Yes, that would make twice in one week. We are turning into Disnoids.  Do you think we need therapy?!?! Nick and I really wanted to take Emma on the Nemo ride, but the wait is always SOOO long that we thought we would try to get to the park when they opened at 8AM.  We actually arrived at Nemo at 8:20 and waited about 20 minutes and must say that if we had waited any longer we would have been disappointed.  The ride is ok, but not great and SOOO not worth the usual 90 minute wait.  I think Emma's new favorite ride is Dumbo, she LOVED it:)


Nick said...

I'll worry when we start buying disney merch so we can wear it to the park.

hahainlala said...

Does that mean that I should return all of those pins that I just bought? How about the custom Disney outfits that I ordered off Ebay??? I thought you would make a SUPER cute Peter Pan;)

your 1st wife

amain said...

I want to be Tinkerbell!!!
love yfc